Hell Sweet Hell

by Grand Mexican Warlock

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Grand Mexican Warlock
Zoltán Bodóczy – vocal
László Szabó – guitar
Csaba Maksi – guitar
Mátyás Mohácsi – bass guitar
Áron Hegyi – rhodes and piano
Dániel Somló – drums and percussion

Drums on „Hell Sweet Hell” by László Szabó

All songs written by László Szabó
All lyrics written by Zoltán Bodóczy, Norman Kopasz and András Áron
Produced by László Szabó and Gábor Bánházi
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gábor Bánházi at R33 Studio, Budapest
Additional recording by András Lászlóffy and László Szabó
Vocal recording by András Áron
Artwork by Péter Jakab
Photos and handwriting by Mátyás Mohácsi

Management: Pongo Pongo Collective / Mónika Túri


released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Grand Mexican Warlock Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Resumption for Dummies
You’re ready to go
Wasted your time too long
You feel luck will join the circles of hope

Seize the day
Don’t waste the time to follow
Fake ideas
If there’s a chance to move along
Before you sink in apathy
Make it quick!

Have to know
What you call
The consequence of time
To highlight your own mistakes
When it’s done
Turn the page
Look after your age
The mirror never cheats
Grizzled hair shows the truth
Under pressure you should lose it
Baldness does not mean you’re sane

Suddenly I understand a thing
Nature of confusion slaps in face
One day I’m gonna find out
How not to be so detached
But it’s surely gonna be worth it

Ask again
What it’s like
To come back from the road
Find out the role you take
Before it’s gone
Loosen up
Leave behind your fears
Weakness becomes grace
When you roam you’re all alone
Time becomes your best fellow
On the road you’re not the same

Suddenly all that’s left
Is doubt in me and I run
One day I’m gonna find out
How not to be so detached
Track Name: Love Struggle
Keep on moving, don’t stop darling
Show me real that you are trying
Personality is dying
You act like a whore

Wait, I don’t know
Let me touch your skin so slow
I want to see your eyes and how they glow
Wait, tell me how
can you force my blood to flow
If I ever have to die, let it be now

Fancy lifestyle, selfish moments
Please don’t bring but fuck all your friends
Fuck your stories, your memories
Go and shut the door

Stop acting my love
If we had some quiet time
I don’t give a fuck
For one who is not mine

Following actual interests
Changing faces like you change dress
Your words should be orders to all
Wanna be a god, but you fall
I ask myself what I should do
I have never understood you
Two-tongued words for getting money
Fuck you I just want your body
Track Name: Birds in Cage
You discuss arts and fashion, politics, economy
You see the mirror shows a unique personality
The World class knowledge only comes to you from the TV
You are the best you can be and you say you know yourself

Updated profile for the new friends from the downtown clubs
You protect animals and human rights on trendy blogs
You refuse alcohol and cigarette ‘cos they’re drugs
You are the best you can be and you say you know yourself

Average is what you’re showing off my friend
Nothing, but average fall
I hope you’ll find out someday why it all happened
Oh, you’ve lost your real soul
Track Name: Fragments
Smoke flies away through the clouds, far from a chimney
Sun has just faded away, rivers gently flow
Neons above start to glow, blinding the city
Thousand are rushing around, but I walk alone

It’s always the same
Always just the same
Can’t say why but I’m here again
I feel myself vain, so vain

The way to the bank is not long, I can smell the river
Just a block down from here on the left, I know it right well
I sit down on a bench, light a smoke, I feel some shiver
When the shadows on the walls ahead, are dancing like hell

Seeing all the same, it grinds my mind, tears my flesh apart
Waiting if the next day gives me a new way? No!
I don’t wanna be here so, gotta find somewhere to go
Leave this shit behind but don’t know how
Just don’t know how
No matter how, I really need to go
Or else, let the river help me to flow
Help me to flow
Track Name: Crack the Stone
Vines have cracked the stone
I was wild last night
Thrown out from a bar
In wrong place and wrong time
Shoutin’ with a guy
Did he know who I was?

Slowly the hand is gettin’ knuckle
Strikes the mirror with a sudden move
Can’t stand the face of this fucker
Blood drippin’ slowly to the floor

Starin’ at myself
I’m so calm today
Head blown from the neck
Waste another day
By the end of night
It will be the same

Look, I’m a step closer to my grave
That had been dug by weakened hands
And I fell in the deep, couldn’t catch the vines
That have grown out from stone and
I just screamed into the emptiness
Track Name: Fisherman's Tale
When the storm comes, her face reflects care
She’s standing by the window still
Looking out to the distance, her eyes fill up with scare
As the salty dark air starts to chill

How I would love to be there
Not away, elsewhere

Flash of lightning is breaking through the sky
And she shivers when it hits the sea
She is not wired, she isn’t used to cryin’
And have never learned how to flee

I feel she’s sending me hope
Like my strongest rope
She gives hope
She’s my strongest rope

She holds that candle, she made herself for me
And waiting for tomorrows’ dawn
In her worn old coat she’s just as perfect as can be
She knows that I am coming home

Knows that I’m coming home
I won’t be out there alone
I’m coming home
I won’t die out there alone
Track Name: Losses
Breath in
The scent of his chair and it marches
To a well known past
Sit with
The unheard thoughts of a wise man
It’s so hard to stand
Ask for tears
Searching lost days in memories
Picking up my cast
I’ve just started to hate my life
And he suddenly reveals his face

Is there any sense that I saw you once from a cradle?
(Waiting for you was never harder than this
Why I bustled so hard to grab your black cloak?)
Have you ever tried to tell that you’ve been here?

Tiny pictures
Flashed up for a moment
Sparks of a life
Silent words fitted me for the fall
Of a far-flung heart
That night
When I call your name, left unheard
Louder shout
Shall come to my mouth
And he suddenly reveals his face
Track Name: Delta
Leave me when it's over
This is where we are
Chemistry couldn't save us
Leave it all behind

Couldn't hear your call
Fading words of no avail
The last stood in my ears
And flew away like leaves
In the autumn wind

Keep on walk all night
The storm descending near
Sooner or later it'll reach my every days
That sank into my grief

I've been so coward
Till the day i've seen my lie
Neverending shame right
In front of narrow eyes of mine

Payed the price of blackened crown
Carved from sadness by decay
Put a smile up on my fuckin' face
Sniff up a line and ready for the comedy

Taken by the words accused
Of the good old days
Put a smile up on my fuckin' face
Sniff up a line and ready for the comedy

Soaking up the years
Tired of the simple taste
Roaming through the streets
And dying in my waste